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Aug 4, 2010

Wildlife Conservation and Eco Tourism: More Harm Than Good?

I just came across this book, sure to be a controversial topic, in the Nature Conservancy's LinkedIn discussion group. What are your thoughts on the newly released, Nature Crime: How We're Getting Conservation Wrong written by world expert on the ethical dimensions of wildlife conservation and management, Rosaleen Duffy?
Her book claims wildlife conservation projects do more harm than good and western-sytle eco-tourism meant to protect animals damage the environment and criminalize local people. One topic she tackles head-on is the western approach that there is an oversimplification of assuming people are the enemies of wildlife conservtion, that they are, “the illegal traders, the poachers, the hunters and the habitat destroyers. Equally flawed, she says, is the belief that those engaged in conservation are 'wildlife saviours'.”

In the article linked below Duffy explains, "The inability to negotiate these conflicts and work with people on the ground is where conservation often sows the seeds of its own doom.” She adds, "…some attempts to conserve wildlife end up pitting local communities against conservationists…because they are regarded as unjust impositions, despite their good intentions…failing to tackle such injustices damages wildlife conservation in the long run."

We are very interested in learning more about this hot-button topic as we see some valid points worth exploring. Read more about her concerns, research and reasons here and share your thoughts with us.

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