Here you will find posts offering the environmental version of ‘what would you do.” There are no right, nor wrong answers of course--we just hope to challenge your perspective and encourage discussion on related scenarios that will test your ethical nature. Please feel free to add one of your own nature-related situations! We would love to join in the discussion :)

Now, what would you do...

May 21, 2009

Camper’s Nightmare

This is based on a personal experience:

You’re camping in a remote campground enjoying the quiet break from any reminder of civilization and you're looking forward to the precious chance to restore your energy and your spirit.

Two cars arrive and pull into a site away from yours. Nine college students spill out and begin to set up tents over four sites. They are LOUD, clearly excited to be “in the elements.” They continue to be LOUD, messing around, making their presence known. Then they turn the radio on…LOUD. You are annoyed to realize that it looks like they are here to party.

You came to recharge your batteries, and that requires the effects of nature, not noisy campers.

What do you do?

Striking Behavior?

Submitted by Caliso friend, Laura H. (italicized):

You are enjoying the wildflowers and notice some kids playing with a rattlesnake ...what would you do?

What would you do if they were young adults harassing a rattlesnake?

What would you do if kids were handling a dead rattlesnake?

Vegetarians Do It Better?

We came across this blog entry and it made us think...

"In recent years, awareness about global climate change and other environmental issues has increased considerably. Environmental activists who were once ridiculed are now accepted and even praised. According to Geophysicists Eshel and Martin from the University of Chicago 'where the environment is concerned, eating meat is like driving a huge SUV...Eating a vegetarian diet is like driving a mid-sized car. And eating a vegan diet (no dairy, no eggs) is like riding a bicycle or walking.' Shifting away from SUV-style diets to much more energy-efficient alternatives, is key to fighting the warming trend.…"

As casual meat eaters ourselves, we wondered, can you be an environmentalist and still eat meat?

Tortoise 911

It is spring, and you are exploring a desert wildflower field, taking in the bounty of blossoms. You begin noticing tortoise tracks around and amble along the path of one set of tracks when you come across a male desert tortoise that is flipped over, struggling to right itself.

What would you do?