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Now, what would you do...

Jan 28, 2010

What's worse for the environment - reading the paper in print or online?

Check out this great article by Lynn Hasselberger discussing the well-researched pros and cons of reading the New York Times (in this case) online or in print.

What do you think is ultimately best for our environment? Please share your comments after reading: The UnGreen … the Sunday paper « I Count for myEARTH

As a side note...this makes for a fantastic science fair project/model for students to consider (that time of year!). Many environmental issues just like this are out there, waiting to be proven or busted. Hasselberger gives us an important reminder to be sure you're educated of the real impacts before jumping on a cause that seems right. It's good to consider all sides, their sources/agenda, and to do our research to be informed eco-citizens! :)

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